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10 Signs Your Cat Likes You

10 Signs Your Cat Likes You

10 Signs That Indicate Your Cat Likes You!

10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.
Despite what is commonly believed, cats are affectionate and go to their owner in search of pampering and caresses. Yes, it is true that they are more independent than other pets, but that does not mean they do not show loyalty and, above all, love.

How can we know if our cat is happy and loves us? Through these signs

10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.

Use you as a bed or mattress 
10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.

It does not matter if you’re trying to sleep or watching the series that you like on the couch. Your cat lies on your chest or on your stomach. That shows that he loves being with you.

Purr when you caress him 
10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.

When we take it and caress it purrs with pleasure, it feels comfortable and enjoys our contact.

It rubs with you 
10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.

Either the head or your body. The owners of happy and beloved cats attend these unique caresses that these cats give him when they come from work or are cooking, for example.

He puts tender eyes 

Yes, cats can also wear their eyes, and that means that you watch what you do because you care. It is easy to identify him: he stares at you for a while, paying attention to everything you do.

Search your caresses 

Whether it’s used as a mattress or when it’s next to you, it demands pampering. For this, he usually turns on his back and even meow to pay attention to him.

He makes you gifts 

The cats can give their owners dead animals that they have hunted, like insects, a mouse if you live in the field … We can give a bit of disgust to their booty, but for him it is quite a feat and he gives it to whom more wants: its owner.

He calls you with his meows 
10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.

Sometimes it calls your attention meowing . He may not want pampering, but he does pay attention. It’s his way of communicating with you.

Play with you 

Above all, without being very small, they will demand your attention to play with you. And for that, it may bite you gently and even scratch you. Do not get angry, for them it is something habitual and is part of the game itself.

He calls you with his little foot 

In addition to your meows, you can claim your attention by stroking with your little foot. It’s his way of telling you how much he loves you.

It huddles next to you 

If at bedtime you snuggle up next to you it is an unequivocal sign that you trust yourself fully, to the point of resting with you in search of safety and warmth. What better shows that they love you with madness? 

10 Signs Your Cat Likes You.

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10 Signs That Indicate Your Cat Likes You!

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